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Ensure A Smooth Power Transfer With Our Expert CV Shaft Inspection, Repairs and Replacement Services

CV shafts also known as drive shafts carry power from the engine to transmission to the wheels. Due to their intense functioning, CV shafts are common components that require routine inspection and potential replacement. 

Here at BCS Prestige, we specialise in repair and replacement of all types of CV shafts. If you notice unusual clicking or clunking noises from your car, this could indicate wear in the CV joint. Our expert team, consistently trained in the latest advancements can handle issues across prominent car brands and models in Melbourne. 

Contact us today for an obligation-free quote, generated after a thorough inspection using computer-generated diagnostics.


Why Should You Choose BCS Prestige For Your CV Shaft Replacement Needs In Melbourne?

We are Melbourne-based local workshop catering to your CV joint repair and replacement needs. Scheduling an appointment with us is a simple and straightforward process. By proving our team with your car’s basic information age, model and make, we initiate the process of attending your car’s CV shaft repairs. You can rest assured as all our services come with BCS Prestige Guarantee. Additionally, we extend the convenience of a courtesy car and complimentary Pick up/Drop Off services.

Contact us today for CV shaft replacement services, covering renowned car brands like Saab, Renault, BMW, Audi, Land Rover and many more.

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