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Ensure Your Vehicle's Peak Condition with Major Car Services in Melbourne

At BCS Prestige, we emphasise the importance of routine car maintenance in preserving your vehicle's optimal condition. Our recommendations encompass Major and Minor car services tailored to your vehicle's manual guidelines. Typically, a minor service is advised when your car has remained inactive for a prolonged period, covers 10,000 kms, or hasn't undergone servicing in a year. On the other hand, major car servicing is recommended within the range of 30,000 to 40,000 kms.

Our expert European car mechanics at BCS Prestige, continually updated through consistent training, are trained at addressing minor issues and tackling more significant automotive challenges your vehicle might face. Our uncompromising commitment to transparent communication guarantees that you are well-informed about your vehicle's current status, facilitated through computer-generated diagnostics.

Our comprehensive major car services, it includes:

  • Thorough Inspection and Adjustment of Brakes
  • Replacement of Engine Oil
  • Substitution of Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, and Air Filter
  • Lubrication Verification
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Assessment of Tyre Pressure, Light Systems, Wipers, and Electrical Components
  • Fluid Examination

Upgrade your vehicle's longevity and performance by entrusting it to BCS Prestige's recommended car maintenance, where expertise and transparency converge to provide exceptional service. Serving as an economical dealership alternative in Melbourne, BCS Prestige guarantees the preservation of your warranty. 

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Why Should You Choose BCS Prestige For Your Major Car Services In Melbourne?

Located in Melbourne, BCS Prestige is your nearby establishment catering to both minor and major car servicing requirements. Our workshop exclusively employs manufacturer-approved parts to cater to a diverse range of car brands and models, including Saab, Renault, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and various other European brands. Our steadfast commitment to service excellence forms the bedrock of our reputation, a tradition we are firmly dedicated to maintaining.

For scheduling major car services with our expert team, you can email us at [email protected] or call us on (03) 9501 0010.

Regularly Trained Team of Experts

Fast Turnaround Time with No Quality Compromise

State-of-the-art Workshop

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